Technology - Customer Benefits:

Roadrunner Couriers Group of Companies has always prided itself on its strong customer service and has always sought to maximize this strength by the use of the most innovative technological solutions available.

So how does this benefit you the customer?

Accuracy of the flow of data is the leading benefit resulting in near perfect performance of your pick-up and delivery request and precise proof of delivery with printed name and signature available for all deliveries and accurate time stamps throughout the entire delivery process.

Satellite tracking capability gives total assurance to customers that any issues with deliveries can be tracked from pick-up (even on route to pick-up) and delivery.

Delays, detours are all recorded and time stamped for 100% accountability.

We provide:

Internet bookings with additional features available such as:

Delivery Addresses - add, modify or delete your own frequent pick-up and delivery addresses.

References - add modify or delete your own delivery references for accounting purposes.

"This feature allows you to provide any number of cost centres, or fixed  
purchase order numbers or customer billing references for easy
reconciliation and on charging by you."

Invoice / Cost centre sorting - have us sort and group your courier charges by your reference (internal or external cost centres) for easy account reconciliation.

Proof of Delivery (POD) - print or view your delivery POD online or even email it direct to your customer.

Both PDF and Excel documents - Invoices and Price Lists supplied in either or both formats.

Invoices - Automatically send to one or multiple locations.

Full Job Detail Reports, Daily - if required and sent by email.


Whether you place your booking by telephone or via our on line booking page, your delivery information is electronically transferred via our FMS transport software management system to the despatch screens. Our intuitive software utilizing all of the data provided by our full fleet satellite tracking systems, analyses all of the information of driver/vehicle locations, directions and current work to calculate which vehicle is best to meet your needs and our service obligations.

Once the driver is selected the despatcher transfers that job to the driver via their fully mobile PDA (Personal Data Assistant). The driver acknowledges receipt of the job details by pushing the accept button which sends a confirmation back to our despatchers. When the driver has completed the pick-up of the delivery they push the pick-up button on their PDA to send a confirmation to our operational staff.

The same process applies upon delivery when the driver selects the "deliver" button on their PDA before handing the device to the receiver of the goods for recording their printed name and signature on the glass screen.

All of these steps are time stamped as they occur and all of this information is instantly available to our operational staff and customers via our online track and trace function.

The entire process is fully transparent and therefore accountable at all times.

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